Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Guide – How to Win Easily

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Zombies scaled down game is similarly as well known as could be expected. In this Black Ops Zombies Guide, I will be uncovering the absolute best strategies you can use to get to the most noteworthy potential levels in Zombies.

The principal thing you ought to know is to know the contrast among Zombies and different players. Zombies are incredibly difficult to kill except if you shoot them in the head; it is exceptionally difficult to kill a Zombie by shooting it in the middle, and shooting it in the arms is a misuse of ammunition.

Subsequently, to kill Zombies, you should begin going for the  454 casull ammo. They move gradually so this isn’t close to as difficult to do as while playing against players. You additionally get more cash (focuses) for headshots, so attempt to get the most that you would be able. This is one of the rudiments of any Black Ops Zombies guide.

Another incredible strategy is to leave one Zombie alive while pulling together. A higher level doesn’t begin until you kill the last Zombie, so you can leave a couple of slithering around until you purchase more ammunition, weapons, and get together with your group. This technique is totally fundamental if you have any desire to come to a higher level, as without it you can not buy weapons and ammunition in the middle of rounds. Assuming you rush in the middle of rounds, your group will become disarranged and out of provisions.

Thirdly, by level 7 you want to begin attempting to get a beam weapon. You can get a beam firearm inside the secret chest, which can show up at any of the areas set apart on the guide with the “?” and the green light. Make certain to check every one of the areas as it can generate at one area.

Each round, the Zombies get increasingly hard, so to progress far past level 12, you will require everybody in your group to have Ray Guns. Note that you can’t get two Ray Guns; after you get your initial one, spend your cash on the enhancers like Root Beer (speeds up).

The main fundamental thing however in this Black Ops Zombies guide is attempt to ensure everybody gets a Ray Gun. The enhancers are great augmentations however not important to come to the high level levels.

At long last, ensure you kite the zombies around instead of battling them head on. That is likely the main system in this Black Ops Zombies Guide. Kiting alludes to continually taking off from adversaries, pivoting and shooting a couple, then, at that point, proceeding to run.

You can run significantly quicker than the Zombies, so assuming you continue to run all through the level, they will ultimately hoard into a major ball that you can undoubtedly kill without agonizing over getting bounced from behind. This technique alone can take you to the high levels.

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