What Are Traditional Geocaches

 What Are Traditional Geocaches

Traditional geocaches are what you would call classic caches, like the first one ever hidden. Someone takes a container, whether a Tupperware box or an ammo can 38 super ammo for sale  , and puts items into it like a logbook, pen and maybe a geoswag. The containers used are usually watertight, a must when hiding things out in the wild. They should also be pretty strong to protect them from animals that find them before geocachers do. Because of recent events, Tupperware boxes have become more widely used because someone carrying a “food container” isn’t viewed as suspiciously as someone carrying an ammo can.

Items in a geocache container generally include a log book along with a pen or pencil so people can write down their name and time they visited the cache. They may also find a collection of toys, souvenir items, site-specific information, hitchhikers (travel bugs) or any other items of potential interest.

A souvenir item is to remind you of a particular geocache that you visited. It can be a cachecard, which is a business card that states the name of the cache and other information like the name of the cache owner, geocache coordinate and maybe even a photograph of the place where you found the cache. You can collect them or leave them at other geocaches to invite other geocachers to visit that cache.

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