Roofing Guide For Roofing Contractors

When people opt for energy star roofing technology like the TPO, they are likely to receive a $1500 tax credit from the government. A part from receiving the tax credit, you are also likely to save a lot of money on cooling costs yearly since TPO is considered a roofing system technology that is incredibly cool.

Single ply roofing has also been steadily gaining on its market share since 1995 and over the last decade its dominance has nearly increased by 100% with an estimated 2 billion square feet of this particular kind of roofing material laid on top of roofs. It is also being anticipated that EPDM roofs might be surpassed by TPO in near future.

TPO comes with a host of advantages compared to EPDM that has various qualities to withstand different seasons flat roof repair near me. TPO is cost effective, it is cheaper than EPDM, and when used as a roofing material, the price of the entire job becomes less in terms of expenses accrued in laying out the roof.

This roofing technology is also energy star compliant, since a number of black roofs during the summer may go as high up to 170 Degrees, while TPO based roofing materials only get up to 110 degrees. Due to this, there is less radiation that is generated into your house. There are quite a number of roofing contractors who favor such roofing system installation over the traditional tar and gravel, and going for a white in color roofing system is more advisable because it absorbs less heat which eventually saves on a lot of money. It s being estimated by department of energy that people can save approximately $20,000-$60,000 over a period of fifteen years in their home energy costs alone.

Heat welded seams are the main advantages with these roofing systems because these roofs are fused together in order to obtain additional strength which means there is only a single layer instead of having uneven structure.

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